[rumori] recycling in SF

Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 16:31:42 PST

Don't think I've seen this mentioned on rumori. A friend of mine here in Minneapolis is apparently on a Burning Man announcement list and sent this along to me. I've included just the portion which pertains to this list. Sounds like a fun opportunity if you're in SF.
jon nelson



We've just heard of yet another something unique in the Bay Area: the local trash company's Artist in Residence program. � Says their website:

"The Artist-in-Residence Program at Sanitary Fill Company is an innovative program that inspires and educates people about recycling and resource conservation by providing local artists with access to materials, a work space, and other resources at our Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center.

"Since 1990, artists have worked in a large, well-equipped studio next to our Transfer Station west of Highway 101 near 3-COM Park in San Francisco. The Transfer Station is located within a 44 acre property that includes several recycling facilities and the Public Disposal Area (also known as "the dump").

"Art is created from what would have been sent with the rest of San Francisco's trash to landfills across the Bay or recycling plants across the nation. --


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