[rumori] Re: radio edits

From: matt davignon (mattdavignonAThotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 17:15:57 PST

>The flip side to community standards is the dangerous
>part. In early 2001, a Denver-area FM station was
>fined by the FCC for playing a "radio edit" version of
>whichever Eminem song was popular at the time, because
>one person complained, and the FCC, which seems to
>lean politically whichever direction the president
>does, decided that a single complaint made it a
>community standards issue.

Well, radio edits are a funny thing in themselves. They're required to bleep
out words like shit, but they can still say, "Puerto Rican Pappy used to be
a deacon, but now he's sucking me off on the weekend."

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