Re: [rumori] doesn't like "shit"

From: matt davignon (
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 17:22:22 PST

Actually, they've been letting songs get by with the word "shit" or "fuck"
for a while now, if they don't really stand out. ZZ Top's "Legs" is one
example, and I think there's a Skynyrd song that does the same thing.

And I do remember the word "ass" slipping into common usage on tv during the
90's. It started with jackass (the insult, not the show), only now
variations such as asswipe are allowed. I think asshole is still considered
too obscene.

NYPD Blue also had boobs on tv, didn't they?4

> > actually, youre wrong. i think its "NYPD blue" that has used the
> > word "bullshit" on the air more than a few times, and that is
> > network TV. i know the clear channel owned modern rock radio
> > station here also plays many songs with the word "shit" in them.

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