Re: [rumori] doesn't like "shit"
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 18:03:18 PST

matt davignon wrote:

> NYPD Blue also had boobs on tv, didn't they?4

There's another whole ball of wax, native african woman's breasts are ok
naked but any other breast suppostedly instigates men's arousals, so
they're not allowed. (of course there is the exception, of breasts
being worked on (enhancement?! or cancer removal for instance is ok), as
long as they paint over the nipple...) censors have the best jobs.
 don't know about NYPD's boobs, they did have a big hubbub around
showing Sipowitz's ass early on, even though little kids asses have been
in hundreds of diaper ads on tv, and no one crys out, and on and on and
on... japanese anime censoring is fun to follow too. hair bad.

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