Re: [rumori] Copyright question

From: Brian Honermann (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 12:21:09 PST

It depends on the specifics of the site from which the original article
was sent. I'm pretty sure that places like the New York Times and
Washington Post frown on the forwarding of their articles by email if
it's not done directly from their webpage. Some other places could care
less and probably encourage it. It's all up to the copyright holder.
So, in the strictest sense, if you haven't been given explicit
permission to redistribute the article then yes you are probably
technically violating copyright by forwarding it.

There may be an exception to this if you are a teacher or student and
are submitting the article to a listserve so that it could be discussed
in class. However, fair use rights are starting to get really confused
so it could ultimately end up being up to a judge whether the copyright
was violated in that case. This, of course, all hinges on whether or
not you would ever get caught and have someone care enough to bring it
to court.


> If someone clicks on a link in website to "email this article", and you
> receive it, and you then forward what you have received to someone else,
> have you violated a copyright?
> Thanks,
> Sam

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