[rumori] Is China's Record Industy the future elsewhere.

Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 07:34:19 PST

An article on the record industy in China and how it could be the future
of the record industrys elsewhere, and how corporate sponsorship will
make play an inportant part in keeping the current popstar scheme alive.


"Pirates have already killed China's music industry dead," Wang said.
"It frustrates my life and destroys China's creative future."

That may be an overstatement. Record companies say that what piracy has
really done in China is to cause fundamental shifts in the way the
countrys music industry operates. It has simply forced Wang and his
fellow stars to change the way they live, work and play. There is no
income from the royalties, so artists in China record single songs for
radio play instead of albums for consumers, said Lachie Rutherford,
the president of Warner Music Asia-Pacific. Stars need to look
elsewhere to finance the rock-star lifestyle.


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