Re: [rumori] Gilligan's Wake & Intertextuality

From: Rick Prelinger (
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 19:59:54 PST

The books of Russian formalist writer and theorist Viktor Shklovsky,
especially A Sentimental Journey and Third Factory. Don't let
"formalist" turn you off, there's a lot in these and his other books
for present-day samplers to enjoy. Both of these are
autobiographical works, but as far as he's concerned, what could be
closer to fiction?


>Steev Hise wrote:
>>I'd like to start a thread about other highly intertextual
>>literary works of fiction - those that make lots and lots of
>>references (in one way or another) to other works. Please send in
>>any you can think of. and discuss the varieties of referencing...


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