Re: [rumori] Gilligan's Wake & Intertextuality

From: Paul Smith (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 14:56:40 PST

> the comic Scud "The Disposable Assassin" had an arch
> enemy who only
> spoke in quotes from pop nonsense. at the beginning
> of the graphic
> novels, the author artist Rob Schrab would list all
> the quote
> references.

This sounds like Ed Dorn, "Gunslinger" in particular,
except that Dorn [strongly] disliked the idea of
absolute meaning, so he left the sussing out of the
references to the reader. If you can't figure it out,
then no literary soup for you. A high culture-nerd
quotient, but fun if you get into that sort of thing.
[I, of course, just made four such references in this
paragraph. One's a gimme, but try and figure out the
other three.]

band saw

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