Re: [rumori] Sad day in the neighborhood

From: Doug Harvey (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 20:42:23 PST

Mannlicher Carcano used Mr. Rogers records in many performances. I think a
couple made it to tape. I can check if anyone's interested. I was a big
fan, but never saw his show until I was 20. I got him to autograph one of
his 8-tracks when he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Excuse me,
I have to go to ebay now.

Doug Harvey

>From: Every Man <>
>Subject: Re: [rumori] Sad day in the neighborhood
>Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 23:13:32 -0500
>At 10:39 PM 2/27/2003 -0500, jon nelson wrote:
>>I'd love to hear this, if you have a recording.
>It's on a super crappy VHS tape, which i refuse to play again until I have
>the ability to copy the whole thing directly to DVD. Once I do, you're
>welcome to it. We called ourselves "No Budget Theatre." We had no life.
>Wait....I used past if to suggest things changed. Heh.
>>In fact, I'd REALLY love it if you could provide a list of all these
>>artists you're saying have sampled Mr. Rogers. I'm not familiar with many
>>examples where his voice has been used. If I can get enough tracks
>>together that would make for a great episode of SAR.
>Oh dear lord, he was right up there with Willy Wonka. I was giong to bring
>up YOU as an example, but you had to go ask, huh? I'm referring more to
>the college radio "live mix" techno shows that would never offer playlists
>since they were making music on the fly, mixing the beat of one song with
>the melody of another, sometimes lyrics of something else less relevant.
>This is going back to around 1991 - 1993. You know, the stuff we have now
>decided to call "bootlegs" for some reason, I guess because someone made
>something that was less in the techno category so it seemed separated. (oh
>wait, that was Mark!)
>I'm sure they brought in Rogers records to spin on top, but some of the
>stuff included his material right there on the CD with the techno (possibly
>CD's of other people's mixes, possibly not.) Most of the artists they
>would play were "Orb" knock-offs, but not all. days.
>Wait...have you ever heard of EBN? Emergency Broadcast Network? They are
>huge on sampling television sources, and next to Negativland I never really
>heard anyone quite like them (at the time they came out.) They sampled Fred
>Rogers on Psychoactive Drugs: Commercial Entertainment Product.
>One of the times I went to Burning Man, I camped next door to a two
>underground DJ's, one called "DJ Jimmy Cauty" (which I only know because
>that's what he wrote on the CDR he gave me) and the other was just called
>"Doctor Alex." They would constantly DJ illbient techno at night, and they
>often mixed in Mr. Rogers samples as well. At that point, I felt Rogers
>had truly hit critical mass. Then, I had to pee.
>Hey, now that I have you on the line.... i offer you a sincere thank you
>for playing PTB stuff on SAR. This is actually a plug for your show. Where
>are all the people who cancelled their accounts because they
>started charging?? More of you should send Jon publicity has a
>nice price.
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