Re: [rumori] Sad day in the neighborhood

From: Every Man (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 20:13:32 PST

At 10:39 PM 2/27/2003 -0500, jon nelson wrote:
>I'd love to hear this, if you have a recording.

It's on a super crappy VHS tape, which i refuse to play again until I have
the ability to copy the whole thing directly to DVD. Once I do, you're
welcome to it. We called ourselves "No Budget Theatre." We had no
life. Wait....I used past if to suggest things changed. Heh.

>In fact, I'd REALLY love it if you could provide a list of all these
>artists you're saying have sampled Mr. Rogers. I'm not familiar with many
>examples where his voice has been used. If I can get enough tracks
>together that would make for a great episode of SAR.

Oh dear lord, he was right up there with Willy Wonka. I was giong to bring
up YOU as an example, but you had to go ask, huh? I'm referring more to
the college radio "live mix" techno shows that would never offer playlists
since they were making music on the fly, mixing the beat of one song with
the melody of another, sometimes lyrics of something else less relevant.
This is going back to around 1991 - 1993. You know, the stuff we have now
decided to call "bootlegs" for some reason, I guess because someone made
something that was less in the techno category so it seemed separated. (oh
wait, that was Mark!)

I'm sure they brought in Rogers records to spin on top, but some of the
stuff included his material right there on the CD with the techno (possibly
CD's of other people's mixes, possibly not.) Most of the artists they
would play were "Orb" knock-offs, but not all. days.

Wait...have you ever heard of EBN? Emergency Broadcast Network? They are
huge on sampling television sources, and next to Negativland I never really
heard anyone quite like them (at the time they came out.) They sampled Fred
Rogers on Psychoactive Drugs: Commercial Entertainment Product.

One of the times I went to Burning Man, I camped next door to a two
underground DJ's, one called "DJ Jimmy Cauty" (which I only know because
that's what he wrote on the CDR he gave me) and the other was just called
"Doctor Alex." They would constantly DJ illbient techno at night, and they
often mixed in Mr. Rogers samples as well. At that point, I felt Rogers
had truly hit critical mass. Then, I had to pee.

Hey, now that I have you on the line.... i offer you a sincere thank you
for playing PTB stuff on SAR. This is actually a plug for your show. Where
are all the people who cancelled their accounts because they
started charging?? More of you should send Jon publicity has a
nice price.

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