[rumori] Mr. Rogers' connections to our neighborhood

From: The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 23:09:03 PST

     Ignoring the moral question of just whether Mr. Rogers' death is a
good or bad thing for the world, you might interesting to learn two tenuous
-- yet real -- connections to our sample-happy world:

1) He actually had Bruce Haack on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood one episode. I
can verify this firsthand as I watched the video proving it. As you can
only view it (but not copy it) by request while physically visiting the
studio's archives, it's not easily available to the average Joe. In the
segment, Mr. Rogers visits Bruce and Bruce shows him some electronic
instruments that he's built out of things like an up-turned silverware
tray. He demonstrates an optical theremin, and briefly has Mr. Rogers play
it himself. After the demonstration, Bruce's frequent collaborator Esther
Nelson enters in a leotard with a handful of similarly-clad children. They
dance while Bruce plays electronic music.

Bruce Haack: http://www.brucehaack.com

2) Likely most of you will not have heard of the now-defunct Pittsburgh
band Operation Re-Information, and it's a pity. ORI wrote their own live
looping software (Back To Basics), and would perform shows in lab coats
wearing computer keyboards on guitar straps, using that software. They
occasionally shared a member with Man... Or Astroman?, who also used Back
To Basics during shows. And for seven years, one of ORI's members was Mr.
Rogers' propmaster.

ORI: http://www.reinformation.com/

- tradeMark G.
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