Re: [rumori] Sad day in the neighborhood
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 19:39:55 PST

wow! I started a thread on Rumori - I've been waiting my Whole Life for this day. :)

<> writes:
>I never liked Mr. Rogers. He spoke too slow and was too infantile in his approach.

I wonder how old you were when you started watching? I started when I was very very young and so it was an appropriate character for me to be watching at that age. Then as I got older I honestly never thought about how he acted or thought it was strange. That was just they way he had always been. Plus I was a very sensitive kid and liked how kind he was.

<> writes:
>A video noise group I was involved with in the late 80's did a really odd
>collage of him singing the song "Tomorrow."
>Yes, Mr. Rogers is probably one of the more sampled audio sources I've
>heard in a lot of old (and modern) electronica works.

I'd love to hear this, if you have a recording. In fact, I'd REALLY love it if you could provide a list of all these artists you're saying have sampled Mr. Rogers. I'm not familiar with many examples where his voice has been used. If I can get enough tracks together that would make for a great episode of SAR.

<> writes:
>i made a mr. rogers sound collage that's available on my website

mine is called "Draining" and you can hear it at my website:
Could I talk you into sending me a CDR of your Rogers sound-collage, too? I could trade if it would seal the deal...

jon nelson

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