[rumori] Hi and long winded conversation starter/intro

From: Ben McAllister (benmcaATdrizzle.com)
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 18:20:21 PST

Hi Folks,

Been a lurker on this list for little while. Thought I'd introduce and ask
a question. I'm a musician living in Seattle. I listen to and try to play
everything. Lately it's been Farquhar, John Oswald, Mimaroglu, Beatles,
these oud exercises I got from a friend and my band Baby (we're working on a
new record). I write 'electronic' music and collagey pieces with CSound and
a four track, and write music for local filmmakers and friends.

So I've been really digging into the John Oswald Mystery Tapes (which I
believe I downloaded from Steve Hise's website - thanks VERY much) lately
and wonder what documentation, if any, came with them.

As a composer I'm really into structure - I've done a lot of study/analysis of filmmakers (tarkovsky) and similar mided composers/musicians (varese/ligeti, negativland (their video No Other Possibility I especially like), the kinks, jim o rourke).

I have been putting together notes on the Tapes I've got. The notes are mainly just to organize my own listening, but I noticed some nice things in them this way. Like on Kissing Jesus, there's this move from tapepause-funk (all of which has very early 80's production values) over the first 11 tracks, then to a bollywood sound (opposite sound of clean 80's compressed?) which leads to another 5 tracks or so of tapepause-funk of a mellower kind.

The tapes got me thinkin. I think that with the internet, mass media, and collage thinking/creation, you've got new unprecendented complexity in structure. For example, there are gestures that feel like candences/arrival points in a 'time based collage piece' (sound or video or static visual art), given the context of the piece, which can't exist outside the piece. Things like political angle, media source, emotional intensity, lack thereof can often be gleaned in less than a second by the average viewer/listener, which gives a whole new context given the density of the info.

I'm not a total wank, honest, and don't want to demystify things too much. But I think about this stuff and thought I'd see more discussion on it here. So - discuss?

Oh yeah - is this off topic? It seems related to the topics detritus is here for.

Thanks, ben www.listenfaster.com

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