[rumori] cassette pausing effect

From: DJ BrokenWindow (djbrokenwindowATyahoo.com)
Date: Sun Mar 23 2003 - 13:24:36 PST

--- Ben McAllister <benmcaATdrizzle.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> them this way. Like on Kissing Jesus, there's this move from
> tapepause-funk
> (all of which has very early 80's production values) over the
> first 11
> tracks,

Hi, I'm familiar with this sort of collaging approach from having
messed with it in the early 80's. I'm wondering if anyone has
experience emulating this kind of splicing sound with a computer..?
I'm guessing that some kind of pitch-envelope would be applied to
areas of a computer-based edit, but what would it look like?

Doesn't a cassette deck speed up slightly just before it stops?
What makes the 'ka-thunk' sound of the pause-edit? Does the
un-pausing step accelerate to speed faster or slower than the

I suppose I'll have to experiment with pausing/unpausing some
continuous test tones on an old tape deck to find out.

I was thinking that someone might know a program with a pitch-env
plugin's preset that does this and could then describe how it looks.

dj Bonker Widow N.

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