[rumori] Saturday, 4/5: Found Objects Night

From: matt davignon (mattdavignonAThotmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 17:14:31 PST

Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is on topic or not, but it does use
actual detritus.

Found Objects Night
Saturday, April 5th, 8:00 - approx. 10:30 pm
21 Grand Gallery
449B 23rd St near Broadway
Oakland, California

Bring objects from home and they'll play 'em!
Avant-garde, experimental and/or electronic musicians
will spontaneously create music using only items
submitted by the audience for sound sources.

Gino Robair
David Kendall (from LA)
Andre Custodio
Stephen Ruiz

Please bring one or more objects (just about anything
from around the house or outside) to be used as sound
sources by the artists. You'll get them back at the
end of each night. The musicians are allowed to bring
equipment to sample, alter and manipulate sounds.
NOTE: Please do NOT bring hazardous or radioactive
materials, wild animals or firearms.
For more information, contact Matt Davignon at

Gino Robair "is an enormously talented percussionist,
with a thorough-going musicality and an instinct for
the unexpected," says The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD.
A core member of the Splatter Trio, Gino is well known
for his fascination for resonating objects. He also
holds two masters degrees from Mills College - in
Composition and Electronic Music.

David Kendall is an improviser and sound artist from
the Los Angeles
area, currently studying Composition/New Media at the
California Institute of the Arts with David Rosenboom.
Much of DK's work focuses on electronic and acoustic
feedback systems, or seeks to develop a common
improvisational language among traditional,
non-traditional, and electronic instrumental
performance practices.

Andre Custodio is a San Francisco born
Multi-Instrumentalist / Sound
Designer / Percussionist with a ten year history as a
sonic maverick. His performances and recordings range
from the fragmentedly neurotic to the semi-calm and
aurally ambient.

Stephen Ruiz (aka Zygote) uses the mechanized process
of electronic music production and combines the
expression of complex human feelings to create sound
art. The tools of his output are computers, tape
recorders, wires and other conduits of noise.

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