[rumori] playlist1803

From: Edge Radio (edgeradioAThome.nl)
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 05:16:05 PST

Edge Radio, edtion 26, March 18 2003:

Kazumoto Endo
Fear My Kung Fu! (Philosophy Shop/BOXMedia)

The Higher Intelligence Agency
Lines In The Sand
Pan Sonic
The Whore Of Babylon
Black Lung/Aphex Twin
Say Hello To Allah (all from The Fire This Time, Hidden Art Recordings)

Alan Lomax
The Spanish Recordings – Muñeira de Carballo (Rounder)

Sainhko Namtchylak
Night Birds (FMP)

Jorge Antunes
Fluxo Luminoso para Sons Brancos I (Pogal)

Cabaret Voltaire
Obsession (Mute)

Add N to X
Murmur One (Mute)

The World Of Gilbert and George 1
Crosby Binge
Whirleygig (both from Ringtones, Touch)

John Saylor
Ear Pi (from http://microsound.org/pi/)

Pär Johansson
The Colour Out Of Space (cd-r)

Bobby Karate
Hello Steven Please Destroy (Woodson Lateral)

Winston Churchill
Russia Invaded (original speech)

Noto Telefunken
audiosignal for televisionset (Raster Noton)

William Burroughs
When did I stop wanting to be president (from http://www.ubu.com)

Marshall McLuhan
The Medium Is The Message (Columbia)

Yashunao Tone
first track Self-Titled CD (Asphodel)

Agit Prop (Asphodel)

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