[rumori] People Like Us News Spring 2003

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 13:43:10 PST


Here is the PLU schedule for the next few months. It's all concerts
at the moment and not much time for recording, after this lot maybe
an album will happen since it's 2/3 done already. We are also proud
to announce that the cover to Hate People Like Us (with a turd cake
on the cover, it were a dog) was nominated as one of the Ugliest
Album Covers Ever here http://ilx.wh3rd.net/thread.php?msgid=3382200.
We would just like to thank the following people...

That's about it for now. Except to say it's not a bush, it's a thicket.


29 March 2003
POL Festival, Frankfurt

12 April 2003
Recycle festival, Stockholm http://www.nursery.a.se/recycle/
Also present, amongst others, will be Mark Hosler from Negativland.

24 April 2003
Cut and Splice Festival, The Institute for Contemporary Arts, The
Mall, London SW1Y 5AH (nearest tube: Charing Cross)
PLU will play at some point between 8pm and 10pm, and all will be
done by 10.30pm.
The festival features, amongst others, performances from Farmers
Manual, Bernard Parmegiani, Oval and Chris Watson.
The event will be represented (interview/CDs) on
<http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/world/hearandnow.shtml>Here And Now, on
BBC Radio 3, on 3 May, at approximately 11pm. There will also be
coverage (interview/PLU video footage) on
<http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/alt/johnpeel/>John Peel's pages on the
BBC Radio 1 website during this period.

4 May 2003
PLU will play a full concert at WFMU Spring Record Fair
Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W. 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Aves)
New York. There is no exact concert time as yet, but it will be in
the afternoon, bring your sandwiches.

The WFMU Record Fair times are as follows:
Fri 2nd: 4pm - 10pm
Sat/Sun 4th/5th: 10am - 7pm
Regular Admission to the Record Fair is $5.
EARLY admission to the Record Fair ($20) begins on Friday 2 at 4pm
and includes unlimited entry all weekend long.
For more information on the Record Fair directions and so on, check
the above link, or contact contact Mike Lupica -- WFMU Special Events
Director 201-521-1416 x243/mikeATwfmu.org

9 May 2003
PLU concert Lexington, Kentucky on the 9th May (alongside Irene Moon
- more later on this at http://www.peoplelikeus.org/whatsnew.htm)

28 May 2003
PLU concert at Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht. More info nearer the date.

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