RE: [rumori] mystery tapes, complexity, and meaning (was long-winded intro, etc)

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 10:18:16 PST

on Mon, 17 Mar 2003 Ben McAllister told me:

>on if i remember right i have a scan of the original
>art that came with "Kissing Jesus in the Dark". i have other art,
>courtesy of wobbly, from other Mystery Tapes that i have yet to
>scan and upload, but plan to whenever (or if) i ever get the
>Ben: Yeah, I've read his site, and the mystery tapes page mentions a 'final
>mystery tapes etc. newsletter'. Is there anything else there I'm missing?
>I just want to get an idea of how they were originally 'disseminated'.
>Sold? Given to random stragners on public transit? I missed the orignial
>scans you had.

oops, i misspoke, i actually have scans of the original Mystery
Tapes flyer, not the Kissing Jesus artwork. I have a bunch of
other stuff from Mystery Tapes packaging that wobbly sent me but
i haven't had time to scan it in, etc. (i need some interns!)

anyway, that stuff that is there is at:

>structure created from simple 'raw' materials. The bit I wanted to add is
>that the added bonus of creating structure from smaller structures is that
>you get to play off the audience's relationship to the smaller structures.

if i'm understanding you, "relationship to" might also be
rephrased as "recognition of". yes?

>With a collage piece, the context (theme) is already there, and is different
>for each audience member.

yes, the original contexts of all the source materials are there
(in the audience members' minds, and varying for each person),
and a new context is there too.

>having heard the original speech. The source material (the 'chunks of
>things that already have structure') is richer than anything you could have
>come up with AND stated within the confines of a single piece.

Yes, I think that's the main reason why so many of us find
collage works so interesting and compelling!

(Of course, even in "original" works where you "come up with"
material, you're still playing on contexts. A string quartet, for
example, takes adavantage of the pre-existing context our culture
relates to string quartets. Even certain scales have cultural
contexts. There's almost nothing that's devoid of some
"hypotext", some connection to past "stuff"...)


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