Re: [rumori] news sites

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Sun Mar 23 2003 - 16:00:52 PST

>I wonder what WFMU was thinking?

probably something like 'here they all are, make up your own mind'

>I'd imagine no one here is a big fan of NPR either. Oh well.
>"The Man" is out to get us, don't you know?

they've been playing some good stuff. also some horrible things. the
filters are off at a time like this, though there are some imperatives
POWs), they've got a lot of airtime to fill and everything coming in is
pure chaos.

it can be fun to watch at times like this, the curtain flies up and you can
see the flailing skeletons behind the curtain, a lot of very raw data and
opinions are getting in there because there's no time to edit. after a
certain stage, though, the more you click the less you know. trying to
glean actual facts at this stage is nearly futile, no definitive trustable
statistics to be found anywhere. a lot of valuable subjective expression
though. which is where even rush's website comes in handy.

>back to more messages on the Wobbly/PLU mailing list.

you hate. sorry if I post announcements to the list too much, I enjoy when
other people mail in their websites/mp3 links...

thanks for the links peter


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