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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Sun Mar 23 2003 - 20:26:43 PST

on Sun, 23 Mar 2003 Jon Leidecker told me:

>they've been playing some good stuff. also some horrible things. the
>filters are off at a time like this, though there are some imperatives

the filters are anything but off, at least in the U.S. wow, i'm
surprised you said that, jon.

great observation about reality tv, tho. that is dead right.
This war is the new "Survivor". except no voting. you just get
shot off the island.

I find it sickly fascinating to watch the differences in how
various news outlets cover a story. Thursday night after
returning home from the barricades I listened to BBC World News.
There was a really dramatic bit where they were intereviewing an
embedded bbc reporter live while he was on the battlefield. I'm
looking forward to using the recording of this in something. It
was an amazing mix of typical British formal manners and sheer
life-and-death action. the chap was breathing hard and running
as his unit dove for cover under Iraqi artillery fire. all the
while though he was totally polite and proper: "I say, this seems
to be quite a bit more resistance than... (boom! crash! pantpant)
... than we'd expected... one moment... (pantpant... bam! booom!)
right then, I do believe i'm in a safe spot now to talk for a

Anyway, the main reason I mention this is that I later went to
find any mention of this "unexpected resistance", so honestly and
dramatically reported by the BBC, in the American press. nothing.
everything was going acccording to plan....

but here's a question: Where exactly is the line between honest,
compassionate concern and pathological voyeurism?


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