Re: [rumori] Mexico abolishing the public domain

From: illegal art (
Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 11:44:26 PST

> Worse, at the end
> > of the copyright term, the government has the right to charge
> > royalties for works in the ≥public domain.≤
>Any guesses as to when we'll see the government charging for public
>domain works in the US?

i was actually talking to someone the other day about a similar but
different idea -- a tax on extending copyrights that increases each

this isn't necessarily ideal, but it seems interesting since
corporations (Disney etc.) just pay for not allowing their works to
fall into the public domain and they can decide how much that IP is
worth to them (it could start really small and increase exponentially
as the copyright gets older)....thus eliminating the current trend of
continually extending ALL copyrights. the politicians should go for
it since it creates more revenue for the perpetual war (and shouldn't
the corporations be the ones to pay), and material that has little
commercial value can go into the public domain rather quickly.


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