[rumori] Soliciting guests & oddball radio clips for WFMU

From: Brian Turner (btATwfmu.org)
Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 12:23:54 PST

Hey folks,
 I'm hoping to revive the AIRCHECK show that ran last summer here on WFMU
for the upcoming summer schedule. If anyone had a chance to check it out,
we aired some 15 minute segments of oddball radio moments of the
past, and a few archival WFMU bits.
 I'm wondering if anyone out there has some tasty radio to send in for
possible consideration for this summer? By tasty, I refer you to some of
the past segments of Aircheck: GG Allin elegys, ranting Friday drive-time
hosts, classic motormouths like Frankie Crocker or Dewey Phillips or the
Mad Daddy, John Lennon guest -DJ spots etc. etc. It's pretty open-ended.
The more out there the better (i.e. we'll pass on JFK speeches etc).
 Feel free to drop a line directly to me (btATwfmu.org) or send along
copies of anything you wish to be checked out! Brian Turner, c/o WFMU, PO
Box 2011, Jersey City, NJ 07303.

 I am also hoping to redo the RE:MIXOLOGY show, where we featured
performances from some of the listers here (Matt, Vicki, Jon to name a
few)! I would be keen to hear from anyone in the sound manipulation dept.
that might be interested in possibly recording an hour segment for this
program, which was a lot of fun. Feel free to drop a line.

Also for your viewing enjoyment (unrelated):

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