[rumori] copy-protected cd; the poison in me throbs

From: niall munnelly (alephATaleph-null.net)
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 14:34:32 PST

this cd is fantastic:

v/a: _replay debussy_ (auraton)

feat. porter ricks, terre thaemlitz, jamie lidell, ryuichi sakamoto, pierre
henry (!!!)

and maybe panasonic...? (panasonic sv-3800)
among others.

it's great, if you're a fan of debussy. it's also copy-protected - all digitally
extracted audio is riddled with unwelcome clicks and pops. i have an old cd
player with digital outs - once i get that working, i'll let you know how
that works.

not all copies of this cd have the warning sticker on the case. mine didn't,
but one i saw in a different store did.

it really twists my nibbles when the label dictates what i can and can't back up,
or proscribes certain delivery channels (like my radio stream).


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