[rumori] "We control the horizontal..." (re: copy-protected cd)

From: Taylor McLaren (morakanabadATyahoo.ca)
Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 23:52:43 PST

MEEP! niall munnelly wrote:
> i have an old cd player with digital outs - once i get that working,
> i'll let you know how
> that works.
I'd be very interested to find out what came of that effort... that's
one of the reasons why I'm very happy to still have a couple of old
laserdisc players in service: the technology behind them comes from a
time when engineers were concerned about quality, and not necessarily
with dictating exactly how you'd use their products.
   One of the students at my school (I teach English in Japan) is an
engineer who works on plasma display technology for... I forget which
electronics manufacturer. It was really sad to hear him talk about how
important copyright has become in Japan over the last few years. (It's
similarly depressing to talk about the issue with a patent lawyer for a
pharmaceutical company... a recent article by a Daily Yomiuri business
analyst talked all about how Japanese companies are coming to realize
that they have to go on the offensive, patent- and litigation-wise, to
keep pace with the revenues being brought in by companies employing
similar tactics in other countries. 'Cause, you know, it's a contest.)

> it really twists my nibbles when the label dictates what i can and
> can't back up,
> or proscribes certain delivery channels (like my radio stream).
Don't most CD releases (at least from major labels or those who are
fond of small print on the back cover) indicate that copies purchased
in stores aren't meant to be used for broadcasting? I love the warnings
at the start of a bunch of the videos that I've seen recently, which
indicate that you can't play them in hospitals, schools, prisons, oil
rigs, etc., and majors' restrictions on broadcast rights seem kind of
funny that way. ("You can't promote this CD unless we give you a
promotional copy, in which case it isn't really yours and we might very
well ask you to return it to us at some point... honestly, we'd like to
control your promotions altogether, as the stuff that you buy isn't
necessarily what we'd like to sell in quantity, stupid broadcaster.")
   I suppose that last example was maybe a bit distorted for dramatic


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