[rumori] playlist 0104

From: Edge Radio (edgeradioAThome.nl)
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 02:31:18 PST

Playlist Edge Radio, Edition 28, April 01 2003:

Roger Smith
Spanish Guitar A (Emanem)

Voks: datamusik 01
kreds-systhese (www.datamusik.dk)

Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide
Check (Amoebic)

In The Army Now (Mute)

John Cage
Suite For Toy Piano (Catalyst

Egyptian Bases (unreleased)

anonymous artist
Bombing of Iraq, delayed (manipulated warspeech George Bush sr.) +
soundbites from Iraq’s national televison

Timothy Leary
How To Operate Your Brain (Retinalogic Video)

Alpha (Mute)

Richard H. Kirk
Hollywood Babylon (Rough Trade)

Martin Archer/Geraldine Monk/Julie Tippetts
Metablethers (Discus)

Christian Banasik
Dressing Old Words New (cd-r)

Christian Marclay
Johann Strauss
Maria Callas
John Cage (ReR Megacorp)

Phill Niblock
Unmentionable Piece for Trombone and Sousaphone (George Lewis, trombone
and sousaphone) (XI)

Godfried-Willem Raes
Standing Waves (Logos)

Get Out (Mego)

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Edge Radio
show for experimental music

Radijsstraat 51a
9741BL Groningen The Netherlands

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