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Detritus Night at Art Rattan, Oakland, California, November 12, 1999

1218 Miller, Oakland. 9:00 pm. See for directions.

An evening of found-sound and media manipulation presented by, the website for recycled culture. Sonic and visual saboteurs will fill the air with stolen film loops, appropriated music, and plundered soundbites. Featuring Carl Stone, Wobbly, Steev Hise, Thomas Dimuzio and the Jet Black Hair People. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Copyright Infringement Legal Defense Fund.

$0-20 sliding scale, Art Rattan Warehouse, 1218 Miller Avenue, Oakland. for more information call 510-434-1318 or see

Performer Biographies:

Carl Stone

Carl Stone was hailed by the Village Voice as "one of the best composers working in the country today." He was born in Los Angeles and now lives in San Francisco. He studied composition at the California Institute of the Arts with Morton Subotnick and James Tenney. He has composed electro-acoustic music exclusively since 1972. His works have been performed in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the Near East. His most recent concert tour in Japan included concert, radio and television appearances.

Steev Hise

Currently based in San Francisco, Steev Hise has been making experimental music, performance art, and video since 1990. At California Institute of the Arts he studied composition with Morton Subotnick and Wadada Leo Smith, sound design with Tom Erbe, and critical theory with Dick Hebdige. He has performed across North America and collaborated with a variety of other artists including The Evolution Control Committee, Adam Lane, and Mr. Meridies. His work centers around the appropriation and recontextualization of cultural artifacts, in other words, making new art from the old. Steev's recordings appear on several Viral Communications releases, on the Illegal Art compilation "Deconstructing Beck", and his forthcoming CD, "Original", out on Illegal Art/Cha-Bashira in November. He is also the founder of, a website dedicated to recycled culture. For more information on his work,, or VirComm, see, or write to [email protected].


Wobbly began in 1990 as a weekly live mix radio program in Santa Barbara. Shifting participants, content ranging from talk radio parody/critique & cut-ups to narratives and spontaneous electro-acoustic concerts.

Upon relocating to San Francisco in 1994, Wobbly was acquired by the super powerful corporation General Injectables and Signals, and annexed to the Digital Adepts Program as a content provider. Now with millions and millions of dollars in research funding at Wobbly disposal, we can discover exactly how popular music 'works' with the express aim of bringing the entire mode of expression comfortably under corporate control.

Besides the ongoing series of radio performances and live concert appearences, recent projects have included collaborations with People Like Us, Big City Orchestra, Yasuhiro Otani and Don Joyce of Negativland. 'Wild Why' and 'Media Joke' are scheduled for CD release within the next year. Previous recordings are available at

Thomas Dimuzio and The Jet Black Hair People

Thomas Dimuzio and The Jet Black Hair People will team up for a dense interplay of treated sounds and visuals, using instantly-found sound and previously existing material emanating from devices such as shortwave radios and 16mm projectors.

Thomas Dimuzio's brilliantly dense sheets of sound have appeared on too many CDs to count, including pioneering solo works such as SONICISMS and HEADLOCK on the Recommended Records label, collaborations with contemporary prog rockers 5UU's and others, and numerous solo releases. Using such devices as shortwave radios and oscillators, as well as various digital synthesizers, Dimuzio makes alternately blistering and oddly soothing layers of sound symphonies. His periodic collaboration with former Henry Cow percussionist Chris Cutler recently led to the duo performing with Cutler's ex-band mate, Fred Frith, wherein Dimuzio sampled and mutated the sounds of both performers live while adding other sound beds.

The Jet Black Hair People is the solo project of Peter Conheim, a Bay Area-based multimedia artist and founding member of Wet Gate (known as the "all-projector" trio, creating musical-visual performances using only 16mm projectors and films) and "spy-fi" purveyors Mono Pause. The spirit of plunderphonia is a consistent thread through his various projects, which all dip into the wastebasket of culture through reuse of educational films and media, religious propaganda, and countless other sonic sources. He is also a member of the legendary found-sound troupe Negativland and frequent contributor to their weekly Over The Edge radio program.

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