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Steev Hise
Hi - I make culture. My work is in the form of film/video, recorded sound, sculptures, words, assemblages, collages, and performances of various sorts.
I also founded and run

Current, Recent & Upcoming Activities:

  • Breaking news will be at my blog, Project Steev.
  • My film/video page is updated semi-frequently since that's mostly what I concentrate on these days.
  • check out my Twitter Page for really up-to-the-minute news and trivia.
  • archive of past activities (mostly music/sound stuff) are here.

My work:

Showdown At The Rio Bosque by Steev Hise (2009)

Steev performing at Electrofringe 2001, Newcastle, Australia, September 28, 2001.
photo by Mark Gunderson

A sketch by Textagirl, of Steev giving a talk about cultural recycling at Electrofringe 2001

Jump around and see the rest of my life:
  • my very own Blog.
  • Datamassage - how I make a living. (what, you didn't think I lived off my art, did you?)
If you'd like to contact me, click here.

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