Re: [rumori] idealistic

Vicki Bennett (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 00:40:24 +0200

>they didn't really go into that. as vicki said it isn't what motivates
>them (the legal issues).
>but i do find his view of negativland as being idealists interesting. i
>think that is the general perception of any of us that take up the fight...
>that we're extremists fighting to completely dismantle the machine (even
>when we may be a little more balanced or moderate or maybe not).

"Idealist" is often prefixed by "hopeless"! We'd have to know what most
people think to know whether we were extreme. Dare I say that to comment
extensively about anything non-mainstream could be labelled "extreme".
Anyway, it's the usual accusation - it's like being called a lefty lesbian
man-hating hippy. Easy peasy boxy woxy.

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