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Andrew Lander (
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 07:28:42 PST

>From: Steev Hise <>

>Related to that, whenever such a "radical" critique of society is voiced
>it invites all sorts of conversational potshots, mainly various
>accusations of hypocrisy and starry-eyed idealism - jabs like "well why do
>you sell your CD for money if you're so against capitalism" and a host of
>defensive rationalisations.

A good read on this point is the chapter entitled Dividends Are Not
Royalties from Michael Parenti's book Dirty Truths. He argues that not all
property is capitalist and exploitative, specifically when a worker produces
somthing. The problem is with the owners owning the fruits of the worker's
labor, not with the worker owning what he has created. Getting something in
exchange for what you create is not profit. Profit is when a capitalist
makes money off of others' work through investment, contracts, etc. - what
Marxists call "surplus value".

An author, like any artist, is a worker, and what s/he creates is and should
be his/her property. They have moral rights and should make some money off
of what they do. The entertainment corporations are, on the other hand,
legal fictions created by capitalists, making money more or less solely off
of screwing people. They don't have any moral rights. They aren't even

All this is why I have a problem with what Sony did. If they sampled the
track, no problem. If they did an honest cover version, fine. But, "As we
don't want to be seen as guys who rip off or bootleg a well known track, we
have chosen the way of rerecording the track tone by tone." What? That's
either disingenuous or cloudy thinking. I don't object because they're a
corporation, I object because they tried to exploit DJ Rolando.

Andrew Lander
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