[rumori] courtney love hates record companies

Erick Gallun (erickATear.psych.berkeley.edu)
Mon, 22 May 2000 15:41:41 -0700

                      Courtney Love accuses record companies of
                                        music piracy
                                     THE ARTS REPORT - CBC Radio

                    NEW YORK - Courtney Love, the singer and actress,
                    says the real music pirates are not kids at their computers
                    swapping MP3 files but record companies that rip off

                    Courtney Love made her comment at a conference called
                    Digital Hollywood. She said many artists now lose money
                    or have little left after expenses, even though the record
                    companies make millions of dollars from one album.

                    "Working at 7 Eleven would have been a better deal,"
                    says Love. Love and Eric Erlandson, the principal
                    members of the band Hole, are in a contract dispute with
                    Geffen Records. Geffen has filed a lawsuit claiming the
                    group still owes Geffen five albums under a 1992

                    Love insists the contract has expired and is exploring
                    Internet distributors for her songs. Her stance contrasts
                    with that of other leading artists, who consider Napster
                    and other Internet music services a threat to royalty

                    Metallica recently sued Napster over the issue and just
                    this week, the Rapper Dr. Dre launched a similar attack
                    on Napster.

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