Re: [rumori] The Grinch who stole Droplift

From: Andrew Lander (
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 15:30:49 PST

>From: Steev Hise <>
>Subject: Re: [rumori] The Grinch who stole Droplift
>Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 19:58:54 -0800 (PST)

>->I've so far Droplifted it in three different locations, and got my own CD
>->back for free when trying to ring it up at the counter. I've heard of
>->other Droplifting accounts that have gone similarly. I'm aware this isn't
>->always the case, but from all the reports I've read, more often than not,
>->the stores give it away because they don't have a UPC symbol to work
>Okay, I stand corrected. That really really suprises me,
>though. I didn't think record store people were such
>complete drones as that. If I was a junior record store
>clerk, I'd probably be confused for a second, then call over
>my manager. And if I were a manager, I'd take some
>initiative and just make up a price. $9.99 or something.
>Maybe if I was poor and a didn't like my employer i'd even
>keep the money for myself. But somehow or another I'd find
>a way to sell it. If i didn't know about Droplift,
>I'd just think, well, hey, everything in here is here
>because we paid for it. so, it can't leave unless someone
>pays us something. It's not in our computer, but I can't
>just give it away....
>I guess our dependence on computers has conquored our
>dependence on commodity exchange. Which is pretty ironic.

Excuse my questioning your cynicism, but perhaps the record store employees
weren't complete drones but just weren't as interested in selling as you
claim you would be under the same circumstances.

&rew L&er
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