Re: [rumori] Droplifting vs Advertising

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 13:44:51 PST

> >I guess our dependence on computers has conquored our
> >dependence on commodity exchange. Which is pretty ironic.

But a great opportunity. We've got the chance to exploit this vulnerability in
the consumption channel before it's patched up, by manipulating the UPC code.

> perhaps the record store employees
> weren't complete drones but just weren't as interested in selling as you
> claim

Employee response is part of the beautiful indeterminacy of this distribution
They have the opportunity to become collaborators. (And their hearts might
grow three sizes that day...) (the typical us/them viewpoint - maybe our
hearts are shrinking)

This whole discussion mirrors, I think, the problems advertising executives
face every day : product identity, audience ('market') perception (and
reception), demographics, space. The reason advertising campaigns are so
expensive is because they remake the entire campaign ten times, for the same
reasons that most ads are over-the-top, blaring and heavy-handed, which is


Just like sacrificing to the gods. Well, I guess that doesn't have a
quantifiable bottom line, maybe that's not such a good comparision, although
there is no quantifying the effect of ad campaigns (which are nothing but
public speech) on the bottom line (product sales), where changes in the latter
might have nothing to do with the advertising. *The Bush campaign made great
efforts to reach out to black voters, with no impact whatever. *Every time a
Macdonalds redecorates I think, "now more people will go to Macdonalds!"

        Has droplift done enough?

I really had no idea the droplifting would result in such beautiful events as
have appeared on this list (e.g. Hammer Presley's tale). When I joined the
project I really wasn't sure it would work at all. I'm starting to see
Droplifting as such a warm act of love for the people. (perhaps a warm act of
love with the people) (yuck)
Comrades, I go now to do it myself for the first time. I'm not going to
videotape it, but I might sell "the undergarments in which I first droplifted"
for $19.99.

Wordiness is contagious (have I written enough?)

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