Re: [rumori] Droplift
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 09:10:59 PST

Glad to see all the constructive dialogue on the subject.
For the record, I had one store give me a copy for free and one store do exactly as Steev assumed below, and charge 9.99. So I don't think theres any way to know for sure what to expect in that regard.

Another interesting note is that the divider cards I made up for the droplift project often remain long after the discs have been taken. Designed to look just like the cards the store used (I had to steal an original to make up the fakes), they blend right in and in many stores are still there, waiting for a restock.

>Okay, I stand corrected. That really really suprises me,
>though. I didn't think record store people were such
>complete drones as that. If I was a junior record store
>clerk, I'd probably be confused for a second, then call >over my manager. And if I were a manager, I'd take some
>initiative and just make up a price. $9.99 or something.
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