Re: [rumori] i have more questions than answers

From: Lloyd Dunn (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 11:29:18 PST

Steev wrote:

>Hey, c'mon Lloyd, you've been thinking and writing about
>this stuff longer than most of us. What are your ideas?

my main new idea is that we need new ideas.

if i want to go too far and call what we have a 'movement'
('plunderism') then i have to ask (after umpteen years of activity,
13 in my case) have we made a dent in public assumptions about
intellectual 'property'? if we have, how can we turn this dent into a
full-fledged hole, and finally, a crumbling wall.

we began doing plunderism with analog technology, but a lot of people
were threatened by what we did. i remember presenting our work to a
class in 1987 in carson city NV and, after we asked for questions,
one guy stood up, red-faced with anger, and proclaimed that we were
corrupt and if we ever stole any of his work, we'd hear from his
lawyers. now, the notion of plunderism or plagiarism hardly raises an
eyebrow when i talk to (particularly, young) people about it. this
should not be surprising, i suppose. napster, and before that, home
taping, have taken their toll. but i really don't want to conflate
copying music by whatever means with plunderism since they are
entirely separate phenomena with distinct moralities.

all of our ideas are on our (highly verbose) web site. i just want to
sit back and listen now, and prod occasionally.

Lloyd Dunn
The Tape-beatles -- P.O. Box 3326 -- Iowa City IA 52244 -- USA
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