Re: [rumori] i have more questions than answers

From: Hammer Presley (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 13:20:37 PST

> but i really don't want to conflate
> copying music by whatever means with plunderism since they are
> entirely separate phenomena with distinct moralities.

I, for one, think this very point addresses the first obstacle. In the
last couple of years, the issue of Napster and MP3s have sort of taken the
spotlight in the whole copyright show. When having personal discussions
with people (who are not part of this "plunderism" business), I find that
I first have to take some time to help them seperate these two things in
their mind before we can even begin discussing it. On the other hand, I
think due to the very fact that Napster exists, it has sort of minimized
the perceived crime that "plunderists" are committing in some people's
minds. Whatever it is that we think we're doing, it sure as hell isn't as
bad as what they feel Napster is doing!

We can probably also thank people like Puff Daddy for this in part. By
making a career out of a primitive and commercial (not to mention
subsidized and royalties-paid-in-full, but that _should_ be beside the
point when addresseing regular people, I think) form of plunderism, he has
sort of made the idea of making works of music out of other works of music
somewhat familiar to people. Although, the work of Puff Daddy is probably
not what any of us are aspiring to (I hope), perhaps he can serve as a
sort of common denominator that can be used when trying to addresses "the
masses" on the issue.


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