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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 15:58:09 PST

1. I agree with Hammer P. about Puff Daddy,etc. - the pop
music that utilizes overt sampling has probably done
more to alter the popular conciousness with regard to
intellectual property than all the experimental,
self-concious works combined. This isn't a value judegment
just an observation. I would suggest that another factor
contributing to the attitudinal change over the years that
Lloyd mentioned is the technology itself. The ease and
convenience of digital cutting and pasting, and hence
exposure to the fundamental plasticity of media (and how
enjoyable it is to manipulate it) has made "plunderism" a
lot less shocking to many people. the idea has subliminally
sunken into the public mind.

2. I'm still against terms like "plunderism" which imply
that this kind of activity is theft. It's glamorous and edgy
and gets attention but it sure won't help to sway any
minds that are already conditioned by the Culture Trust to
believe in the criminality of uncleared reuse.

I think i've always liked the phrase "recycled culture" as
one of the best ways to describe this stuff because the word
"recycle" already has a virtuous, correct sort of
connotation. Everyone SHOULD recycle, it's the right thing
to do, right? it also requires less defensive explanation
than "plagiarism" and "plunderphonics",et al, because it
evokes more exactly what we're talking about - taking bits
of something pre-existing and turning it into something
brand new. With theft-based metaphors you always have to
explain that you're not talking about bootlegging.

prod, prod....


Steev Hise, Syssy Admin
"Perhaps it's the malleability of code that makes some programmers, especially
free software programmers, so optimistic that they can fix things, that
problems are solvable, that a solution is always waiting to be found. Software
can be fixed. Programmers live in a world where reality can be shaped according
to their will -- all they have to do is write another line of code."
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