Re: [rumori] Re: advertising & collage

From: illegal art (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 20:48:22 PST

Hi Don,

>You are once again confusing art with advertising.

I'm not sure if I am confusing them... but just admitting that there
might be some gray area and therefore we should be very careful when
creating new laws.

For example. Many galleries (at least in Japan) are funded by
corporations. Does that fall under art or advertising? Should the art in
such galleries be restricted from appropriation?

>They are NOT the same
>thing, no matter how much or little "art" either may contain.

But what about the question of how much or how little "advertising"
something contains? Does Steev Hise's release on Illegal Art (a third
party) contain a little bit of advertising because it contains the Illegal
Art logo? As a third party Illegal Art stands to benefit from Hise's art
which steals liberally from various sources.

If McDonalds claims that they gave a video artist a grant... let the artist
create whatever he/she wanted and then aired it on prime time television
and flash their logo at the end... how is this different from the previous
example (besides the fact that Illegal Art is run rather poorly from a
business perspecitive)? You and I know the difference... but do you REALLY
trust those in power to be able to tell the difference. Are you asking
courts to look into the hearts of the third party (and artists) and
determine how deep their ulterior motives go?


ps. If I add the Illegal Art url at the end... is this now an
advertisement? Should my expression be more limited?
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