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From: Lloyd Dunn (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 06:36:34 PST

but of course -- sampling (collage) is an ally of surrealism, and a
favored technique of dada. dada saw a failed world (post WW I) built
by logic, and embraced nonsense. the surrealists after them embraced
the meaning-bearing nonsense of dreams and dream states.

>I just woke up from a very odd dream...and it got me thinking...
>dreams, in a way, are like samples of our everyday lives.
>in this dream i heard many many collaging phrases from
>both sides of my head, and i'm going to write them down
>before i forget them:
>"art is art, it is not music"
>"music has nothing to do with words"
>"it isn't music when it's not a whole"
>"freedom is art"
>"music has nothing to do with freedom"
>"we sell music, we listen to art"
>"everything is a part of something"
>"everything that is not a part, is music"
>"we buy things as a whole, we sell things in parts"
>"art is not music"
>"no, this is can buy this"
>"You cannot buy art"
>There was more...but those are the only phrases I can remember.
>I'm half tempted to hunt down spoken word samples that are
>damned close to these, and eumulating the sound of this dream
>as much as possible, and then making it available to all of you.
>It was incredibly powerful to me....I just had to mention it here,
>where I figured it might be appreciated.
>I always felt dreams and sample-art went together almost hand-in-hand.
>When I listen to copies of our radio show, I'm often reminded of the
>feeling of falling asleep with my eyes open, and being unsure if I'm
>awake or not....hearing noises that don't seem right, but things
>LOOK normal. It makes me wish to attain that effect all the more
>during the radio show. For those of you who have heard it, I hope
>we pull that off to some extent for you.
>I think we emulate dreams....making new art out of old.
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