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Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 08:09:38 PST

Thank you for your kind reply, LLoyd.

I believe therein lies a major social significance of our art, particularly
audio culture jamming art, not to mention visual. I find that surrealist
artists want their work to be a link between the abstract spiritual realities
and the real forms of the material world. The term spiritual is being used
loosely here...I'm thinking of it more in terms of subconscious thoughts.
To surrealists, the art stands as a metaphor for an inner reality. Through
craft, whether it be audio collage, painting, sculpting or drawing, artists
bring the inner realities of the subconscious to the conscious mind, so
that their
meaning could be deciphered through analysis.

My girlfriend studied Michelangelo and Leonardo, and believes that they
advanced the knowledge of the body's anatomy. It think surrealist artists
strive to advance the knowledge of the psyche.

At 08:36 AM 3/9/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>but of course -- sampling (collage) is an ally of surrealism, and a
>favored technique of dada. dada saw a failed world (post WW I) built by
>logic, and embraced nonsense. the surrealists after them embraced the
>meaning-bearing nonsense of dreams and dream states.
>>I just woke up from a very odd dream...and it got me thinking...
>>dreams, in a way, are like samples of our everyday lives.
>>in this dream i heard many many collaging phrases from
>>both sides of my head, and i'm going to write them down
>>before i forget them:
>>"art is art, it is not music"
>>"music has nothing to do with words"
>>"it isn't music when it's not a whole"
>>"freedom is art"
>>"music has nothing to do with freedom"
>>"we sell music, we listen to art"
>>"everything is a part of something"
>>"everything that is not a part, is music"
>>"we buy things as a whole, we sell things in parts"
>>"art is not music"
>>"no, this is music...you can buy this"
>>"You cannot buy art"
>>There was more...but those are the only phrases I can remember.
>>I'm half tempted to hunt down spoken word samples that are
>>damned close to these, and eumulating the sound of this dream
>>as much as possible, and then making it available to all of you.
>>It was incredibly powerful to me....I just had to mention it here,
>>where I figured it might be appreciated.
>>I always felt dreams and sample-art went together almost hand-in-hand.
>>When I listen to copies of our radio show, I'm often reminded of the
>>feeling of falling asleep with my eyes open, and being unsure if I'm
>>awake or not....hearing noises that don't seem right, but things
>>LOOK normal. It makes me wish to attain that effect all the more
>>during the radio show. For those of you who have heard it, I hope
>>we pull that off to some extent for you.
>>I think we emulate dreams....making new art out of old.
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