[rumori] more on "bootlegs"

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 16:34:56 PST

been thinking more about, and listening to bootlegs, as discussed
several days ago here.

one thing i find very interesting is the way they're always
presented as x VS y - like it's a fight. very macho, agressive,
isn't it. The image of the members of The Strokes actually
beating up Christine Aguilera keeps flashing through my mind. Or
George Michael and Missy Elliot just slapping each other for
hours. (good idea for a video?)

second, they're mostly pretty fun to listen to, though the ones
where i don't recognize (much less have heard of)
the 2 sources just sound like pop music.

third, it's very discouraging that they've come to be called
"bootlegs". bootleg traditionally has meant an unauthorized,
for-sale copy of an entire work, unaltered, just dub it, repress
it, wrap it up and sell it. these new thingies
have a minimal amount of transformation done to them, but they
are not just copies, they did involve SOME creativity to choose
and juxtapose the 2 source songs. calling them bootlegs all but
admits that they're morally equivalent to pirating entire works,
when in actuality they belong in a pretty much new, fuzzy-grey

fourth, I wonder what Oswald thinks of this phenomenon? and
particularly of Osymyso's "Introspection" (and has Osymyso ever
listened to "Plexure"?)

last, someone mentioned that Z-trip/DJ P record - I was pretty
much totally disappointed by that. especially after all the
rhetoric on the packaging about how it's some sort of mindblowing
revolutionary music. don't believe the hype.



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