RE: [rumori] more on "bootlegs"

From: Michael Howes (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 17:21:13 PST

> last, someone mentioned that Z-trip/DJ P record - I was
> pretty much totally disappointed by that. especially after
> all the rhetoric on the packaging about how it's some sort of
> mindblowing revolutionary music. don't believe the hype.
> comments?

 I think Z-trip is really hit or miss.....I've heard some fantastic
stuff from him but also some totally lame ambient beats with Pink Floyd
just dropped over the top. HoHum.....

 His tracks on the "Return of the DJ" series I think are solid. "Rock
Star" where he splices together Sabbath, Ozzy, ACDC, and maybe some Van
Halen to a hiphop beat and some guy talking about being the king of rock
is pretty nice.

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