Re: [rumori] more on "bootlegs"
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 17:33:37 PST

Steev Hise wrote:

>one thing i find very interesting is the way they're always
>presented as x VS y - like it's a fight. very macho, agressive,
>isn't it.
I wouldn't say this particularly, some graphic designers i've known like
to collaborate and call their cunjunctive work VS's. so for instance
website designer vs website designer. it's style vs style thing, seeing
where they conflict and work together, mostly to just gain experience

>second, they're mostly pretty fun to listen to, though the ones
>where i don't recognize (much less have heard of)
>the 2 sources just sound like pop music.

>third, it's very discouraging that they've come to be called
I think the bootlegs web site got their name from the radio stations
which play this stuff, and i'm under the impression that these records
are pressed on unlabeled records, which i guess was the same process for
bootlegs. a more defined name might be "Verses Appropriation" or "DJ
Karakeoki"? but like this lists last naming venture i'm sure hundreds
will sprout out.

>last, someone mentioned that Z-trip/DJ P record - I was pretty
>much totally disappointed by that. especially after all the
>rhetoric on the packaging about how it's some sort of mindblowing
>revolutionary music. don't believe the hype.
these are more minor, since for the most part these dj's are adding
beats to the music. but those beats are the heart and blood of the hip
hop world.

for more Osymyso check out two videos on the "John's Not Mad" and
"Pat 'N' Peg" the songs are spectacular and the videos really work in
the songs favor. First ones about a boy with tourettes and the second
is about a uk soap opera. The tourettes one is great cus the choruses
are by famous folk and the editing twists the worlds out of context
while the Soap opera one is great for stress relief. you
cow. try to mimick the video, great aerobic workout.

Peter A Lopez

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