Re: [rumori] Illegal+arts Prosthetic Limb Duplicate Protective Rubber Sole (for grip, understanding, traction and monetary instability)
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 11:45:57 PST

Steev Hise wrote:

>And, as i told Gunderson that night, I am beginning to wonder if
>the dependably "malfuntioning" Thimbletron is just a hoax to
>enhance the "mad scientist" effect... heh...
Look how long it took Doc Brown to get it right, eventually we'll all
travel back to the future and there Mark will be thimbletroning the way
it was ment to be heard. maybe the key, which was alluded too in the
Illegal-art show, will be the kitchen of the future setup (hopefully
with a silent refridgerator), which will bring balance to the

I was partway into putting this together when Mark mentioned on Snuggles
that the board or open mic recordings from I-A might appear one day.
 maybe at and they will definitely be much better quality
then this version.


>"so much noise in the world, so much sex. so many amazing things,
> and nothing happens that doesn't contradict itself in the happening.
> i think I will dance now."
> -Craig Flanagin (of god is my co-pilot)

great quote, even better group of folks, and fantastic musics.


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