Re: [rumori] product placement in radio

From: Truth Addict (
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 13:23:37 PST

I've heard those meself here in Chicago. First it was an ad for the
"Halloween Bash", and I thought it was just a funny promo song until I heard
the "real" song. On the same station I just heard the very same Missy Elliot
promosong, so it does appear to be spreading.


>From: Every Man <>
>Subject: [rumori] product placement in radio
>Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 15:12:45 -0500
>I was stunned last week to be driving home from
>work, listening to our local hip hop station, hearing
>Missy Eliott promoting the actual radio station itself
>through song....using the tune of her latest hit with
>the backwards refrain... and after about two versus
>of this humorous weird-al-esque promo, the song
>CONTINUED to the end with the normal lyrics! It
>never stopped once, I swear to you my ears heard
>a continuous mix.... like she made a version of that
>song specifically for this radio station, or perhaps for
>hundreds of similar stations?? Since then, each
>time anyone requests that song, they play the promo
>version... the background music and everything is
>100% identical...only the first two verses are altered.
>I called up and asked what was going on, and the on
>air DJ explained they have songs like that from Nelly
>and R. Kelly, and some of them actually advertise local
>vendors. As a result, he explained they have fewer
>"commercials" per hour and fewer "station drops" per hour.
>This station is apparently an experiment for a new potential
>The songs and the commercials would become the same thing.
>So far, he says none of the listeners complained. In fact, he
>says they seem to not notice, or they find it amusing. Evidently,
>listener surveys have already gone out for this situation, as
>I just happened to catch on late. It's been going on at least for
>a month now.
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