[rumori] product placement in radio

From: Every Man (every.manATpressthebutton.com)
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 12:12:45 PST

I was stunned last week to be driving home from
work, listening to our local hip hop station, hearing
Missy Eliott promoting the actual radio station itself
through song....using the tune of her latest hit with
the backwards refrain... and after about two versus
of this humorous weird-al-esque promo, the song
CONTINUED to the end with the normal lyrics! It
never stopped once, I swear to you my ears heard
a continuous mix.... like she made a version of that
song specifically for this radio station, or perhaps for
hundreds of similar stations?? Since then, each
time anyone requests that song, they play the promo
version... the background music and everything is
100% identical...only the first two verses are altered.

I called up and asked what was going on, and the on
air DJ explained they have songs like that from Nelly
and R. Kelly, and some of them actually advertise local
vendors. As a result, he explained they have fewer
"commercials" per hour and fewer "station drops" per hour.
This station is apparently an experiment for a new potential

The songs and the commercials would become the same thing.
So far, he says none of the listeners complained. In fact, he
says they seem to not notice, or they find it amusing. Evidently,
listener surveys have already gone out for this situation, as
I just happened to catch on late. It's been going on at least for
a month now.

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