[rumori] Lessig gets the nod from the SciAm community.

From: Taylor McLaren (morakanabadATyahoo.ca)
Date: Sat Nov 30 2002 - 04:42:40 PST


Short and not-entirely-thrilling bit of trainspotting here: the
latest issue of Scientific American (the one with the cover story on
thinning West Antarctic ice sheets) features all sorts of
IP-distribution types in the Communications section of its
"Scientific American 50 Award" feature... Lawrence Lessig gets a
quick blurb as being one of the leading lights, policy-wise, in the
field, and the good people at ArrayComm and MeshNetworks had their
products flogged as being kinda nifty on the physical stide of
  Is this exciting, or even especially on-topic? Maybe not, but it's
nice to see that more than one sector of the population appreciates
these people on occasion.

(At the same time, it's really sad to see how expensive it is for
libraries and schools to photocopy any of the material from SciAm
under the terms of their printed copying rights thingy. You're better
off going down to the newsstand and buying multiple copies of the
magazine than you are trying to photocopy more than two pages at a


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