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Laura's SPIN :: Rip. Mix. Court-martial.

Perhaps Washington should hire the recording industry to find
Osama Bin Laden. The folks who enforce entertainment copyright
law certainly seem to keep their eye on the ball. The Capital, an
Annapolis, Maryland daily, reports that officials at the Naval
Academy there seized 100 midshipmen's computers last week. The
sailors stand accused of having downloaded copyright-protected
music and movies illegally.

One wonders: as the Navy's ships prepare to sail off into the
Gulf, commanders come and seize computers? Perhaps it's all
about copyright, just as the people at the Recording Industry
Association of America say, but it sure sounds like a convenient
convergence of interests. On the eve of a deployment during which
those on board ship will have little or no access to freely
flowing news and information, the administration reminds sailors
that nothing they do on their computers is private. At the same
time, the Navy does the RIAA a favor. No doubt they'll get some
good recording artists to do front line duty in exchange, which
will be handy. Keep those midshipmen busy so they donít have time
to poke around on their computers.

A spokesman for the Naval academy told the Capital that
"punishment for illegally possessing copyrighted material ranges
from a court-martial to loss of leave and other restrictions."
Click here to read the full story:

Thanks to the people at the DAILY FEED for bringing this story to
my attention: http://www.junction-city.com/dailyfeed/index.asp


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