Re: [rumori] i hold all Star Wars fans personally responsible (fwd)

From: Seth Johnson (
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 15:17:49 PST

Steev Hise wrote:
> I just spoke last week at a
> conference on free expression in the arts at Columbia University,
> and at one of the panels there was a lawyer from the RIAA. He and
> several other lawyers and experts on the panel admitted that
> piracy will never end, but that the distinction to make is
> between "street" piracy ( like guys in Beijing selling bootlegged
> CDs), and file-sharing (which is really just fans, who should not
> be treated like criminals).

Oh, damn, they actually said that? Do you have any kind of
record of that?

This would be ENORMOUSLY helpful, to get them to draw a
distinction between physical media and the online medium!

Seth Johnson

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