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VIDEO GUITAR Punk video performance

Hmmm. Here I am still trying to figure out how to use music alone to
hypnotize people. I think the guy's statement that he used to get bored
at shows with no visual input is interesting. I've often come across the
criticism that at rock shows, everyone is "just standing around, or
sitting around." If you look at them for a while, though, some of them
seem to be hypnotized. DJ'd music in clubs can be the same way,
especially with flashing lights and so on. There are unspoken cues
between the performer and the participants in clubs. People seem to show
up for a musical performance wanting to experience something on a
BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL-CULTURAL ( and depending on who you ask, maybe even
spiritual) level. The whole experience seems to hit all of tehse
factors simultaneously.

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