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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 14:29:17 PST

on Mon, 25 Nov 2002 matt davignon told me:

>That's the funniest statement I've heard all month! "If these tobacco
>lawsuits persist, the baby harp seal of the tobacco industry will be forever

well to be fair, lucas' rainforest metaphor is a little more
specific than that. it's not just a random "issue", i think he's
referring to the incredible biodiversity of rainforest

of course, it's still a ridiculous statement because the
hollywood monoculture that lucas represents is the polar opposite
of diversity.

i can't wait for the record industry AND the movie industry to
totally collapse, actually. then we can all concentrate on the
vital but neglected local culture happening right around us. i
can't tell you how many times i suggest to friends that they go
with me to see a great local band but they want instead to go to
the opening night of SuperMegaHollywoodSchlockMovie instead.

Another thing to note about "piracy". I just spoke last week at a
conference on free expression in the arts at Columbia University,
and at one of the panels there was a lawyer from the RIAA. He and
several other lawyers and experts on the panel admitted that
piracy will never end, but that the distinction to make is
between "street" piracy ( like guys in Beijing selling bootlegged
CDs), and file-sharing (which is really just fans, who should not
be treated like criminals). The impact of file-sharing is
miniscule compared to the actual outright piracy happening,
especially in places like China and Brazil,etc, where you can buy
cheap knockoff DVDs before a movie even is in the theater. This
kind of piracy is doing more harm, and it is easier to fight,
and requires no new laws (not even the DMCA), whereas fighting
consumer file-sharing will just incurr the wrath of millions of

>>"I am begging for co-operation. There are unintended consequences of
>>piracy. If piracy is not stopped, the rainforest of the entertainment
>>business ecosystem will collapse. I am pleading for the creative people in
>>this industry," he said.

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